Ivy Dodds Scooter side on 1Ivy and her husband are keen bird watchers and regularly indulge in their hobby living on the beautiful Isle of Bute.  But the long walks in the great outdoors began to take their toll on Ivy’s lung condition.  She began searching for something that would help ease the strain and turned to Mobility Solutions for help.  Now, she can explore with ease in her brand-new Pride Mobility Go-Go Sport scooter from Mobility Solutions.  Ivy got in touch to let us know how much life has changed with her new product.

The Great Outdoors

While Ivy and her husband like to stay active and take in the scenery of the island, she began to struggle being constantly on her feet, which made her walks a trial.  Ivy explained; “My husband and I have always enjoyed country walks and visiting the local RSPB and other nature reserves.  I could no longer enjoy the outdoors as I had to stop and rest and instead of feeling refreshed after being outdoors, I was exhausted.”

Mobility Bound

After deciding that a powered mobility product could help her, a quick internet search found them browsing for something that would do the trick.  They chose to take a trip to the mainland to see for themselves at Mobility Solutions’ flagship store in Glasgow.

Ivy was greeted on arrival by mobility advisor, Callum who showed them the complete selection of mobility products on display.  He also allowed Ivy to test drive a range of scooters to find which one suited her best.  Ivy enthused; “The staff were all friendly and knowledgeable about the different types of scooters and Callum answered all my questions.  He gave me good advice on the best type of scooter for my needs.  It was great being able to test drive it to be sure that it was right for me.”

When Ivy tried the versatile Pride Go-Go Sport she found just what she was looking for.  Its nine inch solid wheels tackle uneven ground making it a godsend for Ivy’s country rambles and its large 18AH battery means she doesn’t need to worry about losing power when she’s out and about.  With the convenient under-seat suspension, Ivy can be comfortable all day long.  Plus, she can easily dismantle the scooter and store it in the boot of the car for travelling.

A One-Stop Solution

Having chosen her product, Ivy had peace of mind knowing that Mobility Solutions’ aftercare team were on hand to sort any issues that arose and even better, they could come to her.  What’s more, the team were just a phone call away and happy to answer any queries.  Ivy said; “I was really pleased with Mobility Solutions’ range of scooters and the quality and price of them were reasonable.  I knew that if there were any issues, I could contact Mobility Solutions for help.”

Now, Ivy can get on with making time for her hobby.  Thanks to her new scooter, there’s no stopping her! Ivy concludes; “My new scooter has given me the freedom to enjoy the outdoors again.  I can use it on country roads, paths and on the grass.  It’s easy to manoeuvre and I’m much more comfortable.”

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