Welcome to Mobility Solutions’ Guide to Accessible Glasgow

We decided to create this helpful guide to encourage people with disabilities or mobility issues to venture out and make the most of the wonderful city of Glasgow. From shopping to nightlife, we’ve reviewed as many venues as possible to bring you a comprehensive, easy-to-read guide. The guide pulls together all the information people will need to have an effortlessly enjoyable day out!

Click on the categories below to find out which venues we rate when it comes to accessibility.

Kieran Murphy

Author - Kieran Murphy

Kieran is a young and energetic freelance writer. When he's not out and about checking on the accessibility of Glasgow's best hangouts, he's usually getting involved at a political debate.


Here we review the most hip, happening and accessible bars, clubs, restaurants and venues Glasgow has to offer. Of course many of the other sections will be just as relevant to this age group.

Days Out

Glasgow has loads of excellent and accessible museums, parks, art galleries, cinemas and theatres. Really, you have no excuse for being bored in this city.

Food & Drink

Here we’ve reviewed some of the most appetising and accessible restaurants and pubs in Glasgow city centre, the West End and the South Side.

Getting Away

Fancy a change? Discover accessible travel agent offices and specialist holiday packages.


Forget Edinburgh, Glasgow is the shopping capital of Scotland! Find out more about the most accessible shopping centres.


Glasgow is famous (or is that infamous?) for football. The city is also home to many other sports venues. We’ve looked at the accessibility of all the major stadiums.

Staying in Glasgow

Only visiting our dear green place? We have compiled a list of first-rate accessible hotels and accommodation.


We’ve looked at how to navigate Glasgow’s public transport network. From trains to buses and the subway to taxis, check out our top tips.