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Stanley Handling have over 70 years’ experience in the materials handling industry, providing powered stair climbing solutions and mobility products that allow both professionals and end users to complete their jobs safely and efficiently.

“Our products not only improve user independence but deliver a dignified and sustainable solution for a person to be transported up and downstairs with minimal fuss.” 

NuDrive Air

An initiative lever driven accessory for wheelchairs provide the user with more mobility and improving their physical strength and ability. No longer needing to grip the wheels by hand means the user can propel themselves forward, backwards, in an alternative direction or brake by just pushing the levers.

Easily fitted the NuDrive snap lock technology is quickly ready to use without having to alter anything else about the wheelchair. What’s more this great addition doesn’t add any width to the chair and therefore doesn’t mean alterations to a persons home or workplace.

Getting around once the NuDrive is installed on a wheelchair increases efficiency by 50% when compared to traditional steering, meaning steep hills and slopes are not as daunting as they once were. Giving the wheelchair user more independence and promoting a healthier lifestyle and approach to travel. User’;s no longer need to concern themselves with dirt transfer from wheels or the need to wear gloves when out and about.

Almost any wheelchair with 22, 24 and 25 inch spoke wheels can support the NujDrive Air – speak to a Mobility Solutions specialist about your chair today to confirm the NuDrive can start making a difference to your life!

Jolly Stairclimber

A mobile stair climber that allows travel up and down stairs in your own wheelchair, removing the need to move from a chair to the stair climber. The user will also no longer need to concern themselves with transporting the wheelchair itself up and down stairs.

Compatible with most staircases the Jolly is is compatible with powerchairs and wheelchairs with tilting and movable backrests.

With no need for installation the Jolly can be maneuvered up and down stairs in a smooth motion by a trained operative as soon as the wheelchair is attached to the tracked base. Users are kept level during movement, ensuring they feel secure and confident for the entire journey.

The Jolly is light enough to be dismantled and transported by car between locations. Customisation from Stanley Handling are available if a heavier weigh capacity is required.

Tolo Stairclimber

Versatile and easy to use the Tolo is the super product for at home mobility, a comfortable battery operated mobility unit that lets uses move over door thresholds and move up and down stairs – including more difficult staircases that spiral or wind.

Once an individual is trained the stair climbing process is simply completed at the touch of a button. Should you need to stop safely and securely at any point a sophisticated braking function allows this at any point.

Its unique drive system enables the user to navigate the wheelchair around unaided, affording independence, increased quality of life and freedom.

The Tolo wheelchair stair climber offers two functionalities, one being an operator driven stair climbing solution and the other an independent driving system.

Shop our range of Stanley Handling products now online or in store. Don’t forget you can call us with any queries!

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