Roma Medical

Founded in 1970, Roma Medical is one of the UK's leading manufacturers and suppliers of mobility and rehabilitation products. Selling to over 25 countries worldwide, Roma’s extensive range includes mobility scooters, wheelchairs, powerchairs and various homecare aids.

Roma Medical Mobility Scooters

We stock a range of Roma Medical mobility scooters, whether you’re looking for a boot scooter, mid sized scooter or road scooter, Mobility Solutions can help. Our range includes the popular Roma Sorrento, Roma Granada and Roma Vegas. Find the right Roma Medical scooter for you with Mobility Solutions.

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Roma Medical Powerchairs

Roma Medical offers quality powerchairs whether you’re looking for one that can be dismantled for travel or for using when travelling in a wheelchair accessible vehicle. At Mobility Solutions, we offer the best of Roma Medical powerchairs including the popular Roma Marbella. Check out their latest models at Mobility Solutions today.

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Roma Medical Wheelchairs

Roma Medical wheelchairs are a popular choice due to the fact they offer a huge level of comfort yet are external. View our range of Roma Medical wheelchairs today including the popular self propelled Roma Medical 1000 and transit option, Roma 1100.

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Roma Medical Walking Aids

Roma Medical offers a range of walking aids including the extremely lightweight Roma Four Wheel Rollator. Check out the latest Roma Medical walking aids available at Mobility Solutions today.

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