Introducing the ATTO

A New Folding Revolution Mobility Solutions have welcomed a brand-new mobility scooter to their range; the brand new ATTO by Moving Life.  A folding scooter with a difference, the ATTO is the mobility scooter that has more than a few … Continued

Snow Problem!

Whether you use your mobility scooter for occasional day trips or rely on it for your independence, it’s important to keep it well maintained.  When the weather turns, which let’s face it, happens a lot in the UK, the last … Continued

Raising the Bar in Bologna

Living with a disability means you have to take extra care when choosing where to go to make life easier for yourself or to make sure you don’t feel excluded.  Especially when looking for a place to go on holiday … Continued

Helping Disabled People Join the Workforce

Disability can pose many challenges, not least feeling excluded when it comes to finding a job.  But now, disabled people struggling to find work are hopefully seeing improvement with the success of a Government scheme.  Recent figures have shown that … Continued

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Loved Ones

It’s not always easy to buy presents for parents or grandparents at this time of year. Coming up with original ideas for people who already seem to have everything, or want nothing, can be a challenging task. Most often however, it … Continued