There may be some features you are unfamiliar with that you will perhaps come across in your search for a mobility scooter. We have put together a table with the most common features of mobility scooters so you can understand exactly what it is you are looking for.

RangeThe estimated distance the scooter will travel before it needs to be charged
Maximum slope gradientHow steep a hill the scooter can climb
On-board chargingThe scooter batteries are charged while mounted on the scooter
Off-board chargingThe scooter batteries are removed for charging indoors
Electromagnetic braking systemA parking brake which automatically engages when the scooter stops
Maximum user weightThe maximum weight of the scooter user
TillerThe steering column which is used to manoeuvre the scooter – this can be traditional T handle bar or a Delta Tiller
Solid tyresPuncture-proof tyres
Pneumatic tyresAir filled tyres