Toyota new mobility products

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As more and more automotive companies are straying away from the traditional petrol and diesel engine cars and branching out into the eco-friendlier electric vehicles, we may begin to see a spike in those diversifying into other avenues, just like Toyota & Honda…

Production-Ready Mobility Devices

Japanese carmaker, Toyota, recently revealed exciting plans to bring a new line of mobility products to life in the very near future. Unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in October last year, the car giant exposed the specifications for four power-assisted mobility devices including a small two-seater electric car, an electric scooter, an electric mobility scooter, and a device to attach to your wheelchair.

The Ultra-Compact BEV

The flagship product of Toyota’s new range is the two-seater electric vehicle which can travel 100km on one charge and reach speeds of up to 60km/h. The new compact car is going to be produced for those that go on regular short journeys, such as the elderly.

The Walking Area BEV (standing)

Similar to a Segway or scooter, this product will be produced for those who can stand, and not necessarily those with a disability. Easy to move around, this scooter will be ideal for getting around airports, large buildings and factories.

The Walking Area BEW (seated)

As far as mobility scooters go, Toyota’s isn’t that much different to what we have on the market at the moment, however, it’s futuristic, modern and aesthetically pleasing and the company says “it provides mobility for people who are handling large amounts of luggage or those who may have difficulty walking.”

Toyota’s Walking Area BEV (Wheelchair- linked)

The third device connects to manual wheelchairs enabling them to become electric and can provide extra support to more active wheelchair users.

Following Suit

At the start of the year, Honda also revealed that they would be venturing into mobility products with its own concept. Unlike Toyota’s reveal, however, Honda is yet to reveal any meaty details about their mobility products and they’re unlikely to make a debut appearance anytime soon. However, it does show that automotive manufacturers are investing time and money into developing new concepts for those in the elderly and disabled community.

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