The 8th-14th June 2020 marks UK Carers Week, and it has never been more poignant to remember the amazing work carers do all around the country. Carers Week is an annual campaign which runs with the objective of raising awareness of and giving well-deserved recognition to unpaid carers in the UK. There are 6.5million people in the UK looking after a member of their family or a friend with a disability or illness, whether this is physical or mental.

Super Carers

Caring is an extremely selfless task which can affect the provider’s life in any aspect from relationships, their profession, and their finances.  All over the country, millions of individuals are carrying out an unpaid carer role to a loved one. This can often happen suddenly if a friend or family member is taken ill or a child with a disability is born and the person can find their world completely turned upside down. It can be a huge challenge to the caregiver, and support is vital to ensure they do not feel overwhelmed or alone in the role. That is why the Carers Week initiative is so important. Many carers might not be aware of some of the resources that are available to them so raising awareness in this way helps to reach out to those and provide them with the information that they need to make contact with the support services we have available in the country.

Making Caring Visible

If a carer is not equipped with the right help, it can have an impact on their own health or life. Evidence has shown that those caring for others can experience health and financial issues in addition to loneliness and social isolation. That is why for this year’s Careers Week, the key focus is around ‘Making Caring Visible’. The campaign wishes to ensure that carers can be seen, heard, understood, and supported. With public health services becoming more limited in the last few months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been harder than ever for carers to know where to turn for support. By raising awareness of the advice, information and services available, the campaign looks to connect with those who might be dealing with another’s care on their own. Additionally, by making caring more visible within workplaces, amongst other carers and to the general public, the scheme looks to widen the network of support available

At Mobility Solutions we think that all carers – both paid and unpaid – are superheroes!  We want to take this opportunity to hugely thank everyone in a care position either at home or at work for the amazing job they are doing, and are happy to be playing our part in raising awareness to this great cause. If you want to find out how you can get involved, please click here to access the Carers Week 2020 site.

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