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With the winter weather closing in on us, shorter days and longer nights are what we’re currently experiencing but the ice and snow are beginning to appear. This calls for cosy nights in front of the TV or fire with a cuppa, but preparations should be taken seriously to avoid getting too chilly this winter!

Preparing for Winter

First things first, preparing for unpredictable weather is key, keeping up to date with the forecast is one of the best ways to safeguard for the warmest possible winter. Ensuring that all the necessities in your home are working is a great idea, making sure your boiler is up to scratch and has been serviced by a heating engineer will help you avoid any heating disasters. If you rent, make sure to ask your letting agent or landlord to do this. Stocking up on extra freezer and cupboard items can help if dangerous weather hits, staying warm at home is much better than venturing out for food that you could have had stored away.

A few extra things you should remember:

  • Make sure you have your yearly flu jab
  • Order repeat prescriptions in plenty of for the holiday closures
  • Keep cold and flu remedies at home
  • Make sure you have a torch handy in case of a power cut
  • Keep your emergency numbers close

Keeping Warm & Well

So, what can you do to physically stay warm? By staying active your general wellbeing and fitness increase and generates body heat at the same time, keeping you warm. You should try not to sit still for longer than one hour, spreading chores throughout the day is a great idea. If you find walking difficult, chair-based activities can work well for you. Good hand hygiene is something you should be practising all the time, however, its vital during cold and flu season. Covering up when coughing and sneezing, washing your hand with good soap and ensuring surfaces like phones and door handles are clean can reduce your chances of illness. Hot food and drink should be a staple in the winter, keep topped up on tea and coffee during the day and try to have three hot meals, porridge, soups and stews are an easy way to feel warm and well.

Staying Warm at Home

You should keep your home at a stable and comfortable temperature throughout the winter months as we all tend to spend more time indoors. Get to know how to use your heating controls, if the weather is extremely cold you may want to adjust the time to come on earlier in the day and heat the rooms you spend most of your time in. You should have a carbon monoxide alarm in your home and make sure you test that it’s working, long exposure to the gas can prove fatal. If you need extra help with paying your electricity bills you can check if you’re eligible here.

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