Our made to measure range of rise recliner and porter chairs from Recliners Ltd are the ideal way to purchase a chair which both fits you perfectly and can offer additional health benefits.  All rise recliners have a rise mechanism to assist the occupant to a standing position with several options for the type of recline mechanism. These can also be purchased as recline only versions.

The Single Motor Tilt-in-Space mechanism is available across the rise recliner range and is our most requested option. A simple two button handset allows the user to easily transfer between reclining and sitting positions. As the leg rest is elevated the chair tilts backwards always remaining in a 90-degree seating angle to ensure the back is well supported at all times. This position offers a solution to several common ailments and chronic conditions.  Being able to position the feet at the same height as the heart or higher is an way to effectively manage edema or fluid retention. The tilt position is also helpful in preventing the occupant from falling sideways, forwards or sliding down the chair, maintaining a more central balanced sitting position.  This mechanism is designed to minimise the fatigue caused when the occupant holds their body upright for a long period of time and will result in less time spent in bed.


We offer the full range of mechanisms including a Dual Motor version of the Tilt-in-Space which would allow for further backrest recline.  The Dual Motor Static Seat mechanism allows separate operation of the leg rest and backrest if the occupant wants a degree of leg elevation with their back in an upright position.  We can also offer Wallhugger, Variable Angle Lift and Bariatric mechanisms to accommodate up to 70 stone in user weight.


You will be able to choose from five different backrest styles, different seat cushions (including pressure care), a large selection of fabrics including some beautiful leathers alongside both modern and traditional patterned or plain fabric.  The homecare range of chairs come with more specialist fabric as standard which is breathable, waterproof and cleanable.  You might wish to add heat or massage to your chair if you want to keep warm and manage pain while sitting for long periods.

A range of complementary armchairs and sofas are also available if you want to complete the look of your room in the same style and fabric as your rise recliner.

Shop our made to measure chairs online, pop in-store or call us to discuss your specific needs.

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