An unlikely musical duo has stormed its way into the charts and gained thousands of fans after a video of the two singing Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ lit up the internet.  Now 83-year-old Margaret who lives with Dementia and carer, 31-year-old Jamie’s professionally recorded version of the rat pack crooner’s hit has rocketed up the download charts after it was released as a charity single.

Thank You for the Music

Margaret has lived at the Northcare Suites Care home in Edinburgh since October.  Though her condition affects her ability to do day-to-day tasks, she’s transformed when music is played.  Her ability to sing along to playing music is pitch-perfect and she can remember every lyric in songs from years gone by.  Jamie, who works as a carer in the home, first spotted Margaret’s talent for music when he noticed her singing along to an Elvis song playing on the day room’s television.  Since then, Jamie and Margaret have been singing together daily.  Jamie explains to the effect music has on Margaret, saying;

"“It's like the music is therapy for her. You just see the change of the look in her face when she starts singing or she hears music that she likes. You can just see it in her.”"

(Daily Mail Online, 2020)

Doing it Their Way

Before Christmas last year, Jamie got to work arranging entertainment for the care home’s Christmas party and asked Margaret to join him for a song.  The duo’s performance on the night was so revered that it received a standing ovation from the audience.  Unbeknown to the two, Margaret’s daughter, filmed the performance on her mobile phone and then shared the video on social media.  It rapidly went viral and was shared around the world.  Jamie went on to tell the Edinburgh Evening News;

"“We never expected it in a million years! We have been getting so many amazing messages from people I don't know from all around the world.” "

(Edinburgh Evening News, 2020)

A Worthy Cause

Fresh from the success of the video, Jamie and Margaret teamed up with the charities Alzheimer’s Society and Dementia UK to record the song and release it as a charity single.  It has since been released and has stormed in at number seven in the iTunes download charts, ahead of the likes of award-winning pop stars, Lewis Capaldi and Ariana Grande.  What’s more, the pair have made television appearances to spread the word, including an appearance on This Morning.  Though it will take time to find out the eventual sales figures, Jamie hopes to raise £5,000 for each of the charities.  Jamie concluded;

"“It's just been incredible to put such a nice, positive light on something which can be horrible for people and family members going through it. It's amazing that we've seen such an impact from so many people and that's why we have done it.” "

(Edinburgh Evening News, 2020)

Listen to the song on YouTube below.  To help Jamie and Margaret raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society and Dementia UK, download ‘My Way’ by following the link.

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