Link Housing
Benny Doyle relies on his scooter to get around.

An elderly couple from Possilpark have been left distraught after their housing association brought in plans to ban mobility scooters from their sheltered home.

Forced to move house

Benny and Maria Doyle have lived in the sheltered housing facility for 10 years.  They fear they may now be forced to move house or remain housebound because of Link Housing’s plans, which they have branded “health and safety gone mad”.

The couple are both in their 70s and Benny can barely walk due to muscle wastage in his legs.  He keeps his mobility scooter outside his front door in the corridor so he can get to it with ease, but a health and safety inspection has deemed this as a potential hazard.

Dangers of mobility scooters

A letter, sent to all the tenants in December, said a report had highlighted the dangers of mobility scooters and a new plan would be put in place for storing them elsewhere.

“That scooter is my legs. Without it I’m dead, I would be housebound.”

Benny said: “That scooter is my legs.  Without it I’m dead, I would be housebound.  It’s discrimination, I’m so angry with it.

“I’ve had the [scooter] I have now for a year, before that I had a bigger one and I was forced to sell it because they were more or less saying it was in the way and they weren’t happy with it.

“I got the smaller one then, and I’ve had it for about a year with no issues.

“If I could walk, and they built a hut outside which I could put it in that would be fine, but I just can’t.  I cannot walk at all… I have to use a walker when I’m trying to get around the house.”

Risk for residents

A spokeswoman from Link Housing, which runs the sheltered complex, said the report from the BRE Trust highlighted if a scooter were to catch fire in a corridor it would make it a risk for residents to get out of the building, adding that an inspection was to be carried out at all the company’s sites.

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