It’s fair to say that no two days are the same at Mobility Solutions, but the arrival of a customer in distress before the shop had opened provided a new test for our expert team who were thankfully able to help. Mr James Hargadon had discovered that his mobility scooter no longer worked after having been released from hospital three weeks after arriving in Glasgow, following a sudden illness. A quick thinking taxi driver advised the customer of Mobility Solutions and brought him directly to the showroom.

Going the Extra Mile

On arrival at the showroom, Mr Hargadon was welcomed by retail manager Kieron Macfarlane, who was preparing the shop for opening and gave the customer a cup of tea whilst he waited. The team took time out from their preparations to get to know Mr Hargadon’s requirements and tried to repair his scooter. Fortunately, even though our technicians were unable to repair his mobility scooter, the team were able to find an ex-demo Pride Global Sport scooter for within his budget.

Throughout its five year history, Mobility Solutions prides itself on providing great customer service.

Due to the unexpected scooter change, Mr Hargadon missed his coach back north but the team were able to step in again, as they were taking stock to a demonstration in the north of Scotland and took him all the way back to Inveraray in Argyll and Bute. Mr Hargadon, who had been very poorly, was overwhelmed with the kindness of the staff and naturally extremely pleased to get back home.

Great Customer Service

Throughout its five year history, Mobility Solutions has always prided itself on its great customer service and the team was delighted to help Mr Hargadon make his way home.

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