Recliner chairs are a great addition to any living room and offer many benefits, particularly for people who need extra assistance when sitting down and standing up.

At Mobility Solutions we have a wide range of riser recliner chairs to choose from.  Here we take a look at one of our most popular models in store, the Sven rise and recline chair from Drive Medical.

Sven riser recliner chairs
The Sven riser recliner offers a whole range of great features

Impressive Performance

The Sven recliner chair benefits from a single motor which means it’s extra easy to operate with only a two-button handset.  With a safety key built in to the controller allowing you to easily stop the power if necessary and an in-built battery back-up system, you can releax knowing that you or your loved ones are in save hands with Sven riser recliner chairs.

Comfortable Recliner Chairs

Sven rise and recliner chairs offer a full reclining function, also known as the ‘snooze position’ allowing you to enjoy the ultimate in comfort, lying flat.

As well as being a great chair to relax in, the Sven also has a lift function. This helps the user to stand up and sit down gently, reducing any joint strain.  I’m sure we’ve all thought of how difficult it can be to get up again from a comfortable chair, well the Sven can help with just that.

Modern Design

The Sven is upholstered in high quality leather, offering a stylish finish to fit with almost any home. One of the huge advantages of this chair is that it only needs to be positioned three inches from the wall to allow it to operate fully.  This is a great plus point since it can fit into almost any living room, even those with limited space.

Drive Medical’s Sven rise and recliner chairs come in a choice of four colours: black, brown, burgundy and cream so you’re bound to find a colour to suit.


Take a look at the Sven recliner chair from Drive Medical in action in our mobility shop:

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