Instagram is used by 1 billion people every month, on average those aged 25 and over use the app for 24 minutes a day! The social network can be a powerful platform for good – in among the millions of accounts there are some wonderful people displaying a modern day outlook on life and show disability doesn’t need to prevent a person from ‘living their best life‘. Here are seven wonderful and truly inspirational young people you need to be following right now!

1. Marcela Marañon | @thejourneyofabravewoman

After being involved in a car accident at just 20 years old Marcela was left with spinal cord injuries and limb loss. Now a Rewalker ambassador the beauty has a loyal following who can enjoy disability friendly travel tips, videos of Marcela exploring in the Rewalk Robotics exoskeleton and inspiring pictures of Marcela modelling as she continues to push for inclusion in fashion.

“My advice for everyone is pretty simple keep moving forward even if you think you cannot keep moving forward, you’ll see that in the end it worth the try.” (, 2019).

2. Sophie Bradbury-Cox | fashionbellee

Sophie from Northhampton is diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atophy type 3, she relies on an electric chair as the condition means she can’t walk or stand. That doesn’t stop this lady from running one of the most colourful and inspiring Instagram accounts around!

“Fashionbellee was started so I could show everyone that disabled people can be as interested in fashion as any able-bodied person and to try and push to get more representation of disabled people in the fashion industry.” (, 2019).

Lauren “Lolo” Spencer | @itslololove

Lauren is not only great on Instagram but her YouTube channel is full of videos covering all sorts of topics – some of our favourites include the disability fashion tutorial videos! Lauren recently attended Cannes Lions and represented Tommy Hilfiger’s adaptive team! In Lauren’s most recent posts you can see her scooting around in the TGA Whill.

4. Emily Davison | @fashioneyesta2012

Emily and her adorable pup are ruling Instagram as an amazing double act! Emily has Septo Optic Dysplasia and so is often accompanied by her guide dog,Unity, in her shots, adding a whole lot of extra cuteness. Emily has her own blog, Fashioneyesta;

“I founded Fashioneyesta in July 2012 with the aim of challenging peoples perceptions of sight loss through my love of fashion, beauty and style. Its a blog that aims to make fashion accessible and inclusive for people with sight loss and other disabilities, whilst tackling the stigma surrounding sight loss.

When I was born I was diagnosed with a rare congenital condition called Septo Optic Dysplasia, a condition that affects my endocrine system and my vision. I am registered as Severely Sight Impaired with no sight in my right eye and limited vision with my left. I also have Nystagmus which is a condition which causes my eyes to move involuntarily.”(Fashioneyesta, 2019).

5. Jesi Stracham | @jesistracham

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Jesi, is a real life one stop for your daily fill of inspiration. Following a motorcycle accident Jesi was left with spinal cord injuries – rather than let the accident slow her life down this super woman has used her new circumstanses as a springboard to approach the world!
“In the three years since Jesi’s injury, she states she has been able to achieve more than she previously dreamed possible.” (Jesi Stracham Facebook Page, 2018).
If you want to see a true passion for sport and not a shred of can’t do this attitude then Jesi’s feed is for you! Jesi took on the 24 hour World’s Tough Mudder in 2017 and has since become a member of the US Paralympic developmental curling team.

6. Clara Holmes | @rollinfunky

Clara is not only a true beauty she is truly amazing, living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) a form of Hypermobility Syndrome (HMS), which is an inherited connective tissue disorder. This gal has been using a wheelchair for over 10 years and her feed is jam packed with stunning shots at home in London and abroad, as well as Clara’s insight on topics like being a vegan, beauty, fashion, travel and events.

7. Rachelle Chapman | @rachelles_wheels

Rachelle’s story is remarkable, after suffering a serious injury in a swimming pool Rachelle was left paralysed from the chest down and would be a quadriplegic for the rest of her life. But this girl took on her new reality with a positive attitude and just 13 weeks after her injury began playing new sports, such as wheelchair rugby, hand cycling and surfing!

“Rachelle has made it her mission to spread her story in hope of inspiring others to make the most of each day they are given. ‘Why waste your time harping on insignificant things?’ Rachelle asks. ‘Believe in defining your life by the positive moments and not the negative.'” (, 2019).

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