Are you a mobility scooter user? If so, Rica, an independent research company, is looking for your views.

Rica is a charity focussing on issues affecting older people and those with disabilities.  From carrying out consumer research, Rica aims to build knowledge of the types of products and services that would be helpful.  This enables Rica to work with manufacturers and service providers to improve products and services offered to older people and those with disabilities.

Mobility Scooter Experience

The latest national survey is being carried out on behalf of the Department of Transport and aims to find out who uses mobility scooters and what theire reasons are for buying one.  It also aims to explore user experiences of buying a mobility scooter.  You don’t have to own a mobility scooter to take part in the survey, as long as you are a regular user of one.

To complete the online survey, click here, or if you’d prefer a printed questionnaire you can contact Rica on 020 7427 2460 or email

mobility scooter survey
Rica are looking for views and experiences of using mobility scooters

Mobility Solutions

If you’re thinking of buying a mobility scooter, Mobility Solutions have a wide range in store to choose from. We’re also an approved dealer through the Motability Powered Wheelchair and Scooter Scheme.  If you receive the higher rate or enhanced rate mobility component of the Disability Allowance or Personal Independence Payment or if you receive War Pensions Mobility Supplement, you could enjoy the benefits of leasing a new scooter through the Scheme.  This includes insurance cover, breakdown assistance and worry-free servicing and maintenance.

If you’d like any information on mobility scooters or the Motability Scheme, you can contact Mobility Solutions on the number at the top of this page or email

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