It could be said that Douglas Lancaster is very loyal to Mobility Solutions.  After all, he’s been coming back to us for the last five years!  Most recently, he has become the proud owner of a brand-new scooter via the Motability Scheme and he’s thrilled.

Freedom with Motability

Douglas, from Glasgow, lives with a condition that affects his spine.  Before enlisting Mobility Solutions’ help, he found his mobility had decreased to the point where he was no longer able to leave the house, even to pop out to the shops.  Instead, he found himself having to rely on others or if he needed one or two essential items from the local shop, he had to arrange a home delivery and do without until the item arrived.  It wasn’t until he discovered the Motability Scheme that he was given a chance of freedom.

Douglas Lancaster and OrionGetting Mobile the Mobility Solutions Way

Douglas found out that he qualified for the scheme, which enabled him to use the money he received in mobility allowance to help pay for a powered wheelchair or mobility scooter.  Better still, he had a wealth of powered products to choose from at his local Mobility Solutions store.  Douglas called in and was introduced to Sarah, his dedicated mobility advisor, who discussed with him his needs and narrowed down the products that would be suitable.  She then arranged to visit Douglas at home with several scooters to try as part of Mobility Solution’s Free Home Demonstrations service.  Douglas explained the difference qualifying for the Motability Scheme made to him, saying;

“The difference to my life after qualifying for the Motability Scheme, was night and day.  I couldn’t believe how easy it was.  Sarah really listened to me and my needs and took care of everything for me.  When my scooter arrived, it was such a relief to get out of the house and enjoy my independence again.”

Onwards and Upwards

Douglas has now taken delivery of his latest scooter, having renewed his contract with Motability and once again turned to Mobility Solutions.  This time, Sarah was on a mission for a slightly larger, three-wheeled scooter for Douglas as he was looking for comfort, security and agility.  Luckily, she was able to arrange for a three-wheeled Invacare Orion Metro 3w to be transported from a  supplier in England especially for Douglas to try out in the comfort of his own home.  According to Douglas, as soon as he tried the scooter, he knew it was the right one for him.  Douglas enthused;

“As soon as I sat on the scooter, I loved it straight away.  I liked the fact it was big, sturdy and I felt safe.  The suspension in the scooter made it much more comfortable for my back and Mobility Solutions even arranged for solid tyres to be fitted so I don’t have to worry about getting punctures.”

Now mobile with his new scooter, Douglas is safe in the knowledge that he doesn’t have to worry about a thing.  While on the Motability Scheme, he’s covered if anything goes wrong and Mobility Solutions’ qualified technicians are just a phone call away.  For now though, Douglas continues to pop into Mobility Solutions for essential items, or even just for a visit.  He concluded;

“Mobility Solutions have been amazing the whole way through with the products and services.  I recommend the store to all my neighbours and even at 90 I’ll still be coming in to see you!”

Shop the Orion Metro 3w online now, call us to talk to a mobility specialist or contact us for more information.

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