At Mobility Solutions, we like to put our products to the test to make sure we’re always offering our customers the best of the best! So last week, when one of our colleagues was suffering with severe pain from a dislocated knee, we gave her a PainPod to test out and see if it could help. Read her review below.

PainpodGemma’s Review

“I have a condition called nail patella syndrome which means I have very tiny knee caps that frequently dislocate causing swelling and minor ligament tears. A couple of weeks ago I had a more severe dislocation which led to a more significant ligament tear and swelling. Mobility Solutions suggested I try out a Painpod (very similar to a TENS machine) and kindly gave me a test model for a week to see if it could help.

I used the PainPod in the evenings for approximately 30 minutes, trialling the different settings. I found the last setting of the 12 available the most effective, and after each use the swelling was significantly reduced. Having previously had to attend physio sessions at £35 a pop, being able to self-physio at home is a much more cost-effective solution for me as a sufferer of a long-term condition.

I also had some back pain, so used the massage setting on my back and found the PainPod helped to reduce the pain in my back too.”

Great Offer

We’re delighted to be able to offer the PainPod at the low price of £180 (exc VAT) for a limited time only both instore and online. Find out more about the PainPod here or get in touch with us at or on the number at the top of this page for more information.

2 Responses to “Painpod Review, It’s a Thumbs Up!”

  1. Steven mckinlay

    Hi i was wondering if u do payment plans for mobilty scooters or whats ur cheapeat one i have a disability and it makes walking vwey hard thanka z

    • Nicole

      Hi Steven,
      Scooters may be bought via the Motability scheme for eligible customers. Our lowest price scooter at the moment is the Pride GoGo Elite Traveller 12 AMP at £789 ex VAT.
      Best wishes, MS


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