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More about Bath / Shower Stools

Bath stools or shower stools are perfect for those who cannot stand or sit comfortably when bathing.

Bath Stools

If you’re low on space, consider choosing a bath stool or bath bench.  A bath stool has no back or arms and the legs are positioned closer together so it stays sturdy without taking up much space.  If you’re only needing support getting in or out of the bath, a bath bench could be perfect.  Able to be adjusted to the width of your bath, it can give much-needed support for bathing.

Perching Stools

These stools can be used in any room of the house.  They tilt the pelvis forward to make it easier to stand up and have a comfortable seat and arms for support.  They can be used in as shower chairs, but are usually only suitable for larger showers as the legs of the seat are splayed wider than some other bath and shower seats.

Folding Bath Seats 

These bath seats have a folding back for more support and above all, can completely fold up to make it easier to store away when not in use.

Shower Chairs

The shower chair is more like a traditional chair, with arms and a fully supportive back.  They can’t fold up and will need to be used in a large space as they will take up a bit more room.  However, they offer the highest level of support for the user.