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Toilet Aids

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house, so make life easier by choosing from our range of essential items.  From toilet frames to help you feel more secure using the bathroom to our range of essential toilet aids, we have a wide range of items to suit whatever you’re looking for.

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    More about Toilet Aids

    Mobility Solutions has a wide selection of toilet aids to help you feel more comfortable and confident.

    If you have mobility issues, it can sometimes be difficult to use the toilet.  But at Mobility Solutions, we can talk you through everything we have to offer and what would be best suited to you.

    Toilet Frames

    Toilet frames can be an essential toilet aid if you have difficulty transferring onto and off the toilet.  We have a selection of free-standing and adjustable height toilet frames.  Made from sturdy metal with reinforced arm pads it provides stability and security and can be removed when needed.  We also have toilet frames with built-in raised toilet seats for more support.


    We have a range of commodes available in-store and online.  From a neat folding commode ideal for travelling to the luxury wooden upholstered commode, there is one to suit everyone.

    Age UK Range

    Mobility Solutions have a wide selection of items including washable and disposable incontinence products.  Breathable, waterproof and non-rustle material means that the products are discreet and secure.

    Chair & Bed Pads

    Giving extra protection to beds and chairs, these pads are discreet and provide even absorption to ensure you stay comfortable all day long.