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Adjustable Beds

We stock adjustable beds and orthopaedic beds which are easily operated by remote control, so you can choose the perfect position to relax. Electric beds come with five-fold adjustable bases to support knees, hips, back, neck and head for a perfect night’s rest.

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  • Rise and Recline Richmond

    Rise and Recline Richmond Adjustable

    From £1,295.00
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  • ottoman1

    Adjustamatic Adjustable Ottoman Bed

    From £1,820.00
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  • adjustamtic hardwick

    Adjustamatic Hardwick Adjustable

    From £1,195.00
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  • Adjustamatic Haddon

    Adjustamatic Haddon Adjustable Bed

    From £720.00
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  • Adjustamtic Elan

    Adjustamatic Elan Adjustable Bed

    From £2,495.00
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