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More about Overbed Tables

Overbed tables are a handy bedroom aid for anyone spending long or extended periods of time bed bound. Adjustable tables can make everyday tasks easier and more achievable from the comfort of your bed. Height adjustable tables and tables for beds allow you to read, eat and drink without mess and inconvenience.

C-Base Tables

A C-base table slides in from the side, making it ideal to be used in bed.  Most will come with caster wheels making it easy to manoeuver but there are some tables that you can choose without wheels.  Fully adjustable, the table top can be tilted to make a handy reading rest, or the height altered to make it ideal to eat from.

H-Base Tables

The H-base tables are designed for use with a chair and can be brought closer to the body.  Some of these table tops will have a swing away feature that allows the table to stay where it is, but out of the way when not in use.