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Kitchen and Dining

You needn’t let disability or mobility problems hold you back in the kitchen or affect your enjoyment of eating and drinking. Kitchen aids and eating and drinking aids like one handed tin openers can help, whilst easy grip cutlery and non spill cups can be invaluable.

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    More about Kitchen and Dining

    Cooking can become a joy again with our kitchen aids.  Kitchen aids for the elderly make tasks like opening jars and reaching to the top of the cupboard, easy again.

    Kitchen Aids

    Make tricky jars and bottles simple to open with our range of Discover our wide range of kitchen aids for the elderly to make your time spent in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable.  Our non-slip placemats not only look good but they’re hygienic and ensure a secure grip on the table to make sure that any glasses or plates don’t slip while eating.  What’s more, our range of caring cutlery are easy to grip and hold, making it one of the best kitchen aids for the disabled.

    Plates and More

    Easy to use dinner plates have higher sides and sloping bases making it an ideal kitchen aid for the disabled or those with the use of one hand. Browse our range of stay warm plates and egg cups for those who require a little extra time to finish their meals.

    Making Drinking Easier

    If you or your loved one find it tricky to use mugs, why not view our range of easy grip and spill-proof cups.  For a comfortable grip, try the shatterproof cup with dual handles.  There are also containers with handy in-build straws to make spillages less likely.

    Kettle Tippers

    One of the most popular kitchen aids for the Elderly, the kettle tipper like the Uccello makes it safe and simple to pour out hot drinks.  The kettle is removable from the tipping base and is lightweight and easy to fill.  If you’d prefer to use your own kettle, why not browse our universal kettle tipper.