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More about Rollators

Rollators can assist those who may be a little unsteady on their feet but are still active and outgoing and better still, there’s a 4 wheel rollator to suit every budget.

Why Should I Consider a Rollator?

Rollator walkers are designed to steady you when walking but are also a handy storage device and offer a seat when you need a break from walking for a long time.  the great thing about rollators is the fact that most of them offer a comfortable seat and backrest so you can really take the weight off your feet when needed.  The 4 wheel rollator is strong and secure with various different features and levels of comfort.  Most rollator frames are reasonably light weight and offer sturdy wheels with a braking system so if you’re out and about you can make sure you’re supported all the way.

Which Rollator is Right for Me?

Different rollators will have different features and browsing the range on offer will help you work out which features would be best for you.  Most rollator frames will have a removable storage bag attached.  It’s up to you whether you think you’d use it or not, but if you’d like some storage on your rollator but are worried about how secure it is, some have under seat storage which means you can store your essentials in it knowing it’s safe.

Heavy Duty or Light Weight Rollator?

Most people are looking for a light weight rollator that’s strong yet easy to fold, carry and store when not in use.  Most rollator frames are made out of aluminium, one of the lightest metals around.  Even the heavy duty rollators walkers on offer will be reasonably light but it’s always best to try before you buy to see if it will be suitable for your lifestyle.