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More about Sticks and Crutches

There are plenty of walking sticks and related products to choose from that suit whatever your needs are.

Wooden Walking Canes

Wooden sticks are a set height but can be adjusted by being cut down.  For a classic look, choose from a range of carved wooden versions with individual design.  Timeless quality and reliable.

Adjustable & Folding Sticks

Many people now opt for an adjustable height walking stick.  There is usually a small metal pin built into the stick allowing you to select different heights.  These sticks are made from lightweight metal and often have colourful designs on them.  Ideal to coordinate with outfits.  The walking sticks with folding capabilities can be easily stored in a handbag or pocket, making them ideal to travel with.

Quad Canes

If you’re looking for more sturdy support, why not consider a quad cane.  With four feet offering a wide base, they’re ideal if you’re looking for extra support.


Crutches take the weight fully off the foot which is particularly useful if you have an injury or long term condition.  Choose from underarm or elbow crutches depending on what is comfortable for you.


If you already have a stick that you’re particularly fond of but needs a new lease of life, look out for our range of ferrules.  These are the name for the rubber stoppers on the bottom of the cane.  They come in several different sizes and can re-vamp your favourite stick making it much safer to use.  If you aren’t sure which size of ferrule you’re looking for, ask a member of Mobility Solutions’ staff who will be able to advise on what’s right for you.