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More about Tri-wheeled Walkers

Tri-wheeled walkers are handy walking aids, which provide support to people who can walk but may need extra stability or support.

Benefits of Tri-Wheeled Walkers

If you’re looking for a little extra support, a three wheeled mobility walker is a great option.  Easily folded and stored, lightweight and with handy add ons, tri-wheeled walkers are ideal if you are just needing a little extra security.

Usually made out of steel, some three wheeled walkers even have a compact in-built seat to support you if you need to sit down.  If you’re looking for a mobility aid that can be easily taken on public transport a three wheel mobility walker is the item for you.

What to Consider When Buying a Rollator

It’s always best to try a rollator before you buy to make sure you know what to expect.  The large space between the three wheels allow you to find your centre of gravity and make sure you’re secure.  The type of wheels on your three wheel mobility walker is also important.  Some have smaller plastic wheels which can cause reverberation in the hands and wrists.  Choosing three wheeled walkers with rubber wheels will likely last longer than plastic wheels as well as making it easier on your hands.

Always make sure you get a mobility expert to help set the handle height for you.  Too high, and your shoulders will take a lot of strain.  If the handles are too low, you could find yourself stooping and this in turn could damage your back.  Our mobility specialists at Mobility Solutions will assess you and help determine the ideal handle height for you and your new three-wheel walker.