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Walking Frames

Walking frames are a lightweight and convenient option if you are looking for something to steady you while walking.  Walking frames without wheels offer extra stability when getting about whilst wheeled walking frames are easier to push.  We also have a range of trollies and trolley walkers to choose from.

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    More about Walking Frames

    A walking frame may be useful to help you keep your balance and have something to hold on when moving about or standing.

    Wheels or No Wheels?

    It’s really a matter of preference between wheeled and non-wheeled walking frames.  Generally, wheeled walking frames mean you don’t have to lift the frame while walking, particularly useful if you don’t have much strength in your arms.  The non-wheeled frames have secure rubber stoppers on the bottom and are very sturdy, especially if you have wooden floors in your home.

    Accessories Galore

    There are some nifty accessories that you can buy with your walking frame.  Why not have a look at the various caddies and bags you can buy to store essential items in for safe keeping.

    Trollies with Trays

    If you’re looking for something to carry items but also give steady yourself, how about a trolley like our Rutland Trolley?  With two generous trays that can be clipped off when not in use it’s one of our most popular products, for good reason!

    Trolley Walker

    If you’re looking for the support of a walking frame with the capabilities of a trolley, why not try this nifty trolley walker?  With the same generous trays that the trolley has but the security of moulded handles and brakes.