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For walking outdoors, we have a selection of extra deep and extra wide shoes available that will keep your feet looking stylish and feeling well supported.

Everyone is different and so are our feet, Mobility Solutions offers a range of wide and extra wide shoes to suit every need – whether that’s easy fastening, seamless design for comfort, more room for orthotic insoles or shock absorbing soles.

Slip into something more comfortable with wide fit shoes, Mobility Solutions offer many styles for men and women giving you a personalised fit, including – brogues, loafers, boots and sandals.

More about Shoes

Extra wide shoes

Our range of shoes for the elderly come in a variety of designs, so you can be comfortable and stylish.  Extra wide shoes allow for swelling and freedom of movement. We have a range of shoes for the disabled which are easy to put on and off, and look great.


Get Comfortable

If you suffer from wider or swollen feet, searching for shoes that give you the relief you need for can be difficult.  That’s why Mobility Solutions’ range of extra deep and extra wide shoes is ideal.  Our Cosyfeet range has ladies and gents footwear in a range of styles and colours, all with extra roomy width so you can finally find the comfort your feet deserve.


Quality Materials

Made from the highest quality materials, both our Cosyfeet and Padders range of footwear are built to last.  Crafted from the finest leather or synthetic materials, the shoes are built around comfort and quality.


Try Before You Buy

At the Mobility Solutions’ flagship store in Glasgow, you can browse our large range of extra wide shoes to find your perfect pair.  Dip into our range of Padders dual fit shoes, perfect for giving that bit more room or for bandages or orthotics.  Alternatively, peruse our range of Cosyfeet footwear, guaranteed to fit and flatter larger or swollen feet.  Best of all, our friendly and knowledgeable advisors will help you try and decide on the ideal shoe for you.