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More about Footstools

We have a wide range of footstools available for purchase here at Mobility Solutions.  Footrests help support the legs and feet for comfort and can help a great deal if you have a condition that causes swelling in the lower legs or feet.  You can choose from static footrests with a padded top to blend in with your existing furniture or perhaps you might choose an adjustable footrest.  Adjustable footrests give you the freedom to change the footstool to your preferred height.

Wooden Upholstered Footstools

If you’re looking for traditional footrests to match your decor, why not browse the range where you can find traditional styles with a tasteful fabric upper and solid wooden legs with a gentle curve.  The Queen Anne range of footrests have padded fabric top and go perfectly with the Queen Anne high back chair.

Adjustable Footrests

For more options, why not choose an adjustable footrest.  An adjustable footrest can be used with a number of chairs of different sizes and are more functional than some others.

Leg Rests

You can also browse our leg rests.  If you have a condition that causes swelling further up your legs or you’re recovering from a medical procedure adjustable leg rests have a moulded channel to support your legs from knee to ankle and adds more support than footrests.