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More about High Back Chairs

High back chairs provide support for the head, neck, and back and all-day comfort.  Mobility Solutions has a wide range of high backed chairs to suit most people’s specification and also made to measure high back chairs to fit you perfectly.

What Are High Backed Chairs?

High back chairs are supportive and sturdy chairs that support the head, neck and back.  Mobility Solutions have a fantastic selection of high back chairs for the elderly which encourages good posture and ample support for different parts of the body.

Things to Consider When Buying a Chair

If you’re in the market for high back chairs in the UK, there’s no better place to go than Mobility Solutions as there can be a lot to consider before you buy.

Height:  High back chairs for the elderly are usually higher than regular chairs to make it easier to get up out of the chair.  Mobility Solutions have a team of mobility experts than can advise you on the correct height for you and some high backed chairs even come with adjustable legs so you can adjust the height to your preferred height.

Fabric: There are plenty of fabrics to choose from when you’re looking for your ideal chair.  Patterned and deep coloured fabrics are great at hiding spills and can be comfortable and warm.  However, choosing a leather or faux-leather finish makes it much easier to wipe clean.

Wings: Wings on the chair can be a valuable addition if you tend to spend a long time in the chair or even nod off in it from time to time as it can support your head.  Wings can also give a classic, traditional look to your chair.