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More about Tables

We had a wide range of overchair tables available at Mobility Solutions.  Our height adjustable tables can be altered to suit your desired position and provide the support you need.  The adjustable over chair tables are designed with you in mind, giving you full control over the position of the surface.

Which Types of Table are Available?

It’s important to consider where you’re planning on keep your table as each adjustable height table is suitable for different uses.

Overchair Tables: These adjustable tables can come either with or without wheels.  Without wheels, their metal legs slide under a chair or bed.  They are lightweight and can still be easily slid along the floor and moved from room to room.

Overchair Tables with Wheels:  These tables have caster wheels, sometimes with brakes to help make moving the table easier, especially if you have thick carpet.  One thing to consider is the fact that their legs will sit higher off the ground than the tables without wheels and so they may not fit underneath all types of chairs or beds/

Rise and Recliner Adjustable Tables: These tables have a flat sheet of metal that sits firmly on the floor and is designed to not interfere with your rise and recliner’s mechanics.  The base helps ensure the table doesn’t slip or move and it’s heavy enough to stay firmly put.  The adjustable height table has a swing away table surface so it can easily be pushed out of the way when not in use.