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More about Road Scooters

Road mobility scooters are yet again, more robust than other models.  They’re often called 8mph scooters due to their speed range and ability to travel on public roads.  Road scooters are road legal, but can also be used on the pavement by reducing the speed.

Tackling More Terrain

One of the biggest advantages of road scooters is the fact that they can tackle much rougher terrain than smaller scooters.  With larger wheels and high-grade suspension, these vehicles provide the most comfortable ride over bumpy ground.

Unrivalled Comfort and Convenience

Large road scooters offer the highest level of comfort and modern equipment.  From supportive and adjustable captains seat to full LED light packages and digital displays, you really feel like you’re driving a top quality vehicle.

Exceptional Power

Road scooters have much larger and more powerful batteries than other scooters.  Providing excellent power and longer life, it allows the scooter to be used as fantastic, reliable transportation.