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Handytech GOING Segway Chair

Going is a revolutionary vehicle able to guarantee total freedom of movement on any terrain and in any weather for many miles.

Resulting from the union between Segway self-balancing technology and the GO seat model, it is easy to use both when driving and during transfers.

Going utilises Segway’s self-balancing technology combined with the sophisticated mechanical controls of the GO seat model, allowing incredible freedom of movement to reach places considered inaccessible until now. It is also equipped with a lighting system so as to be used at night.

When in operation, Going moves progressively in accordance with the backwards or forwards inclination of the torso, leaving both hands free to steer the vehicle or do other things.

All posture requirements are fulfilled by the possibility of adjusting the sophisticated seated model.

Going finally allows you to truly enjoy your surroundings, without having to constantly worry about obstacles in your path.


From £13,500.00 £16,200.00 INC VAT




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