A customer testimonial from Margaret O’Neil

When Margaret O’Neil and her friend Jim popped into their local Mobility Solutions’ store, in Glasgow, to browse mobility scooters they didn’t expect to purchase one that same day.  Margaret’s main priority was being able to browse a range of scooters and find one at her leisure.  Already the owner of a smaller sized scooter, she wanted something strong and sturdy that she could rely on.  Ideally, something that would be able to comfortably make the journey to and from her home into the centre of Wishaw.

“I rely on my scooter to take me wherever I need to go.  While I already have one, its top speed is only 4mph and it takes far too long to get into town and back.  So, I thought it was definitely time to upgrade.”

Online Finds

After having a few disappointing experiences with other retailers where she was faced with a small a range of options and no chance to try before you buy, Margaret needed to change tack.  Things started looking up after Jim searched for retailers online and came across the Mobility Solutions’ website.

After making the trip to Mobility Solutions’ flagship Glasgow store, Margaret found a vast range that she along with her mobility advisor, Anne, narrowed down until they found the scooter for her.

“Not only was the range huge, much better than other places I had visited, but Anne, my mobility advisor was absolutely lovely.  She was so friendly and knowledgeable, but she never rushed me.  I tried four scooters but eventually decided that the first one I tried was the one for me – I bought it that same day!”

Cadiz Dreams

The scooter she settled on was the impressive Roma Shoprider Cadiz Mobility Scooter, a comfortable 8mph scooter with large 36AH batteries and a range of up to 20 miles*, letting Margaret get around town with no concerns about running out of charge.  With a full LED lights system and easy to grip delta style tiller, the Cadiz is packed with everyday conveniences.  However, it seems it was love at first sit for Margaret and her new scooter.

“As soon as I sat on the Cadiz after comparing it with the others, I knew it was mine! The seat was so comfortable, and it was so easy to drive.”

Out & About

It’s not surprising that the Cadiz made such an impression on Margaret.  Its fully adjustable captain’s seat can be adapted to Margaret’s ideal level of comfort and the scooters large pneumatic wheels and full suspension make driving over bumpy terrain barely noticeable.

Margaret is now making the most of her new scooter and enjoying trips in and out of town.  She says she will certainly be back to Mobility Solutions, if even just to pop in for a natter with Anne.  As for her old scooter?  She still has it.

“I’ve still got the old scooter, only it’s banished to the garage!”

*Passenger weight, rough ground conditions, low temperatures and battery condition can impact maximum range.

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