When Stephen Kerr noticed a decrease in his mobility, he began looking for solutions to help make life easier.  He found what he was looking for when he discovered Mobility Solutions and now his life has been transformed by investing in a brand new powerchair, the TGA Whill C.

Stephen, who lives with muscular dystrophy, originally came to Mobility Solutions looking for a walking stick after the condition affected his balance.  Sometime later, he needed something that could help him be more active for longer periods of time.  Once again, Stephen turned to Mobility Solutions for advice.

Stephen explained: “I had been managing fairly well with my walking stick, but over time, my journeys became shorter and my mobility slower.  After I decided on a powered mobility product, I started looking at different types and models.  I test drove a few at Mobility Solutions and hired one for the day so I could be sure of the right product.”

Stephen and the team at Mobility Solutions worked together and tried out several different scooters and powered wheelchairs.  An advisor even visited Stephen for a no obligation home demonstration.  Then, the TGA Whill C caught Stephen’s eye.  With its sleek shape and clean, cutting edge design, the Whill C certainly isn’t your average power chair.

Mobility Solutions really ticked all the boxes for me

Agile and powerful, supportive and secure, it boasts ergonomic and intuitive controls and supreme comfort.  While the design initially stood out to Stephen, he soon realised that the Whill C’s performance was just as good as it looks.

Stephen said: “What sold me first was the design and how it doesn’t look like a normal wheelchair.  Then, I was impressed by its high specification and quality of workmanship.”

With several top design awards under its belt, the Whill C outshines its competitors with its unique omni-wheel system.  The front wheels are made up of tightly stacked rotating rubber disks which allow the chair to achieve an extremely tight turning circle whilst maintaining its compact footprint.  What’s more, the Whill C is easily transported, coming apart into three pieces which are easily stored in the boot of a car.  Stephen has already taken his new purchase on holiday with him.

He enthused: I have managed to use it on public transport on various occasions and travelled by aircraft from Gatwick to Glasgow.”

Stephen has now had the Whill C for a few months and is thrilled with his new product.  He’s most happy with the fact that his new powered wheelchair has allowed him to regain much of his independence.

He summed up: “It makes it easier to do simple day to day things like going through the park or visiting a museum. I feel I have a better sense of independence as I am more able to plan a journey on my own.”

As for Mobility Solutions, Stephen will be back.

He said: “Mobility Solutions really ticked all the boxes for me.  I’ve always had good experiences with them.  The staff are so professional and knowledgeable and I’ll certainly be back.”

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