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Dip into our wide range of soft, supportive and cosy slippers for the elderly.  Choose from a wide range of colours and designs from trusted brands, Cosyfeet and Padders to really treat your feet.

More about Slippers

Support When you Need it Most

There’s nothing quite like coming in from the cold and slipping your feet into a pair of comfortable and warm slippers that support your feet.  Our range of extra-wide fitting slippers for the elderly gives you all the support you need in the house or out and about.  Choose from trusted brands such as Cosyfeet and Padders, all in extra wide widths making them ideal for wider or swollen feet.

Prevent Falls Securely

Many people choose to wear house shoes or slippers indoors to stay comfortable and warm.  However, badly fitting slippers or particular styles can cause trips and injury.  A house shoe that is for example, backless with a flip flop style, can sometimes slip, causing the wearer to trip and could potentially cause a nasty accident.  This is why our house shoes for the disabled have secure non-slip soles and reinforced ankles, to make sure you don’t slip out of them and hurt yourself.

Extra Wide Fitting

Our range of soft and stylish house shoes for the disabled comes in either an extra-wide width (Cosyfeet) or as a dual fit (Padders) so you can choose which suits you best.  The extra-wide fitting of Cosyfeet slippers for the elderly means they won’t pinch or nip, leaving you always comfortable.  Padders Dual Fit technology allows the inner insole to be taken out if you need extra space, or you want to insert an orthotic.

Easy to Fasten Velcro Slippers for the Elderly

If you’ve got reduced mobility, it can be tricky to fasten your footwear.  Don’t worry though, we’ve got just the thing with our range of velcro slippers for the elderly.  A soft, comfortable lining with a generous opening for your foot, means you can say goodbye to fiddling around with a shoe trying to get it on and off.  The quick and secure qualities of a velcro fastening mean you can get your slipper on and off with the minimum of fuss.