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More about Boot Scooters

Small mobility scooters are a convenient, highly portable option for scooter users.  Also known as 4mph scooters as they have the lowest maximum speed and often used indoors.

Small But Perfectly Formed

Boot scooters, so-called for the ease in which they can be transported in the boot of a car, are the smallest sized of all mobility scooters.  They can travel at up to 4mph and are ideal for indoor use or short journeys outdoors.  With many options for adjustments such as adjustable height tiller and seat post, the scooter can be configured for you so you’re completely comfortable on your journeys.

Easily Taken Apart

The greatest benefit of boot scooters how easy they are to take apart and transport in the boot of a car.  Most scooters come apart into around five pieces, making the scooter easier to lift into the car in order to be transported.  If you struggle for space, they are also much easier to store.

Easy To Use

While larger scooters have all the bells and whistles, boot scooters are really simple to use so even someone completely new to owning a scooter should be able to get the hang of it quickly.