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More about Folding Scooters

Folding mobility scooters are a convenient solution for those who like to take their scooter out and about.  These scooters fold up easily to save on space and are relatively lightweight for transportation. Folding scooters are usually built on smaller frame and can easily fit into tight spaces, ideal for indoor use.

Folding Scooters for Indoor Use

Folding scooters are built to make transporting them simple.  They are smaller than other scooters and are usually not as easily adjusted.  But they certainly make it up in convenience and design.  Some of the smaller folding scooters are perfect for indoor use, with solid wheels and limited suspension.  These scooters are best suited for supermarkets or shopping malls and can be stored in the boot of a vehicle when not in use.  The scooters have a super-lightweight lithium-ion battery, making them great for travelling by plane.

Folding Scooters for Outdoor Use

Folding scooters for outdoor use will have larger pneumatic wheels to take the lumps and bumps of outdoor terrain.  They will have suspension but are limited to pavements.  As with all folding scooters, convenience and comfort are top of the list of benefits and they are great for days out with family or friends.