Alan (left) with Mrs Smith (centre) and son Alistair (right).

Mobility Solutions was delighted to meet and deliver this Symphony TIS chair from Recliners to Flora Smith from Bearsden, Scotland’s oldest lady at the remarkable age of 108. To mark this incredible milestone, we decided to upgrade her chair to a specialised made-to-measure chair free of charge.

Flora was born on the 21st of April 1909 meaning she has seen an incredible amount in her lifetime including both World Wars, the Space Race and even the publication of the formula of the general theory of relativity by Albert Einstein.

“An Honour”

Alan Fergusson, our sales executive said it was truly an honour to have met such a wonderful lady, he said: “It was incredible, she was so friendly and had a great big smile on her face from the minute I arrived till the minute I left.” Regarding upgrading her special made-to-measure chair for free, Alan said: “it was the least we could do, if there’s anyone that deserves it it’s her. We pulled out all the stops to get the seat perfect to her specifications and pushed the suppliers to do it as quickly as they could, and credit to Recliners as well for making it happen.”

Mrs Smith proudly has her 8 telegrams from the Queen all framed and on her wall in her care home in Bearsden. We hope that she enjoys many more years to come in her new chair and we wish her all the best!

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